miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2008


Is official tomorrow my holidays vacations begin!...I will take 14 work days which are like 3 weeks in calendar days...

The last year and the current has been very heavy in work load terms...The managers of the area and the vice-presidency where I work for were changed. The new managers came with new ideas, strategies, etc. Furthermore we had to implement several SOX controls in the area.

I really feet tired in this year and I think I really need a time to rest...What will I do in the holidays? I'll go a week to Valledupar and the other weeks I will spend some time mounting my home wlan, buying a new desktop computer and practicing squash.

viernes, 14 de marzo de 2008

Squash Tournament

I just entered to the squash tournament of the company I work for. Its a very big tournament with 6 extreme players (3 from TI, 3 from Network) :-). We will use English scoring and double yellow dot balls. I

hope to post some interesting reports about the games I will play, hope my not so disciplined drilling practices will serve in the games.

Regarding squash this is another cool website for reading tips and watching videos: squash club