viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

A status update

So, I totally forgot my blog until the people from Packt Publishing asked me for the reviewing of Pentaho Reporting book. Now I want to speak about what I have been doing this year.

While I continued with the KPI reporting and information systems the objective of the area I'm managing became broader: Now I'm in charge of the network management systems.

We have several of these systems most of them are propietary and focused in one technology or subset of the HFC and Core networks. The really interesting system is a generic one that We built using open source tools: CACTI for high scale network SNMP measurement collection, NAGIOS/CENTREON/NAGVIS for active ICMP/service checking, and a combination of NET-SNMP, SNMPTT and SYSLOG-NG.

While it is difficult to integrate and manage, its a very good solution to scale and manage the events and traps of all the network with a low cost (the same engineer you would dedicate to a propietary solution plus the hardware).

Also I dedicated a lot of effort customizing TRAC for managing all the requirements to the area. I've found in TRAC a useful tool but with a lack of good reporting modules.

So thats the summary of the year...while I still follow pentaho and databases with passion also I have learnt about SNMP, monitoring, traps.

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