lunes, 14 de abril de 2008

Back from holidays

Today is my first job day after the holidays and I have to say: I'm out of form.

Anyway...holidays were great, as I told in the last post I went to Valledupar and to Santa Marta. There I take a very good rest. The two weeks I stayed in Bogotá I did this:

Bought a new pc: Intel Quad Core 64 bits, 4GB Ram, 320GB, Nvidia graphics card, etc...This pc will be my home development server.

Did the eye surgery: I no longer use lens!

Played a LOT of squash: Two times a day!

I'm very happy with the holidays I took..I feel they changed my daily routine and now I'm ready to work.

Btw...Colombia is a great place to take holidays!

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