viernes, 18 de abril de 2008

A good new one

I think this post will be quite large...sorry if You get bored with it......
The good one: I will change my job. I resigned yesterday to my current job as an information system analyst in a telco operator. I will move to a big cable and tv company as Traffic and Dwh Director.

First, I have to say I'm quite happy about the change but I have a mix of feelings as is natural. I was engineer there for three years and a half. In that time I made a lot of good friends and workmates. Also I think this three years was a period where I learn a LOT of useful things. In this job I had the opportunity to play with linux, MySQL, tomcat, mondrian, pentaho, kettle, clusters, SANs etc. and while I am not an expert in any of those things I have a good knowledge in each of them.

Sadly things have been going to the wrong side in the area ( caution note: these are personal opinions :) ). Since Millicom bought the company and the managers went off the area has become less and less relevant for the organization. The hope that our developed software and knowledge can be extended to other operations worldwide (a thing that can be possible because Millicom have more than twenty operations around the world) is almost lost. I have to say Millicom doesn't like home development teams so our existance is practically hidden from the headquarters.

Moreover the new management style is very precipitated (the high level management not my direct direct boss is a very good leader and friend). Today we have a new project, tomorrow is canceled, today we exist, tomorrow not. Things were needed in 4 hours no matters the quality cost and the entropy added to the team.

You would think that my ex job was a bad job. That is not true. As I said i faced a lot of interesting problems, and learn lot of things. Also there are good organizational practices there.

Anyway I'm pretty happy because:

  • I will manage the dwh cycle
  • I will have the opportunity to lead a technical team
  • Is a demostration that the good job is rewarded sooner or later
  • I will have to show that peter principle is wrong

And many other reasons! so expect technical and managerial posts from now! My desire is not to abandon the technical skills only to use them to lead software projects to the expected my leadership will be from a technical perspective.

And to my good friends in ##pentaho irc channel....I will ask a lot there! prepared! :)

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Juan Pablo dijo...

If you succeed in your new job, as I am sure you will it is not because the Peter Principle is wrong but because you level of incompetence is way above in the corporate ladder. Congratulations.